Plenium looks to acquire prime energy assets or companies which generate predictable and stable cash flows.

The company has a long-term approach to investments, and seeks shareholder value through the aggregation of assets, effective management, efficient O&M and economies of scale at the portfolio level.

Plenium has a deep understanding of the energy markets and can pursue and contribute value in different types of projects, including green-field or brownfield opportunities under contracted or merchant schemes in diverse geographies.


The team includes a multidisciplinary and multinational group of professionals fully dedicated to the arrangement of investments and management of assets covering a broad range of functions from O&M and technical management to accounting, tax, legal, financial and reporting activities.


Plenium Partners seeks exceptionally talented, accomplished professionals with different backgrounds attracted to the proposition of joining a private, entrepreneurial firm that embraces a partnership culture with a “best of breed” orientation across its lines of business.

Direct all enquiries to:



Plenium Partners, S.L.

Paseo de la Castellana, 91 – 11th floor

28046 Madrid

Telephone : +34 91 444 99 80


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Plenium Partners Italy, S.r.l.

Via Tevere 46

00198 Roma (Italia)

Telephone : +39 06 08 1179377


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Plenium has been one of the most relevant players in the consolidation of the European renewables market.

The group manages over 100 operating power stations with an aggregate capacity of 1.3 GW including Wind (740 MW), Hydro (120 MW), Solar Thermal (150 MW) and Solar PV (250 MW) across Spain, Italy and Portugal.

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